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Archivio Ebraico Terracini

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Historical archives of the Jewish Community of Turin and of other Piedmontese communities: Unfortunately the Turin Community’s collection of administrative and historical documents is rather recent and limited due to a bombing which severely damaged the city’s Synagogue in 1942. Administrative and historical papers, religious documents (sermons, prayers, rabbinic responses and notes, hymns XVII-XX century) from Alessandria, Carmagnola, Cuneo, Mondovì, Saluzzo and other communities’ papers.

Various Jewish Institutions’ archives: Documents from the DELASEM (Delegation for the Assistance of Emigrants); the OSE (Jewish Health Organization); the Marchese de Levy Foundation; the Turin CGE (Jewish Youth Center); the FGEI (Israeli Charity Foundation); the COM.AS.EB.IT (Council for the Assistance of Jews in Italy 1938-9) etc.

Privately endowed family archives: Memoirs, diaries, autobiographies, family trees, miscellaneous papers, prayer books. There has been an increase in donations by those who, having found precious documents in their homes, choose the Archive as the best place for the conservation and divulgation of their belongings.